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Guess the Teacher!

It’s competition time again and we think you are going to enjoy this one!
Below there are photographs of 25 teachers when they were MUCH younger!

You have to work out who is in each photograph and send your suggestions to

To help you we have included a list of the teachers in the photographs.

There will be a prize of a shop voucher for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places! 


Mr Knaggs    Mrs Donaldson     Mrs Carruther    Mrs Peters     Miss Scott       Mrs Elliott
Mrs McKerr     Mrs Masters    Mrs Anderson   Mrs McNally      Miss Sterling      Mrs Chambers 
Mrs Graham     Miss Brown     Mrs Leonard    Mrs McCarey    Miss McGowan    Miss Creane
Mr Rodgers      Miss Wedlock    Mrs Scott     Mr Myerscough     Miss Cummings    Mr Graham    Mr Poots




Stay tuned to this page for regular competitions with loads of prize giveaways!

***Please note that we welcome entries to these competitions from existing DPS pupils only.