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Hi Everyone!


This page has been set up to help you, our parents and pupils, find interesting and worthwhile things to do while we try to navigate through the months ahead. To contact the school please see the school's contact details page.


Thank you and keep safe,

Home Hub Team


As children return to school, remember the benefits of playing, learning and having fun outdoors. Check out some of the new publications on PlayBoard NI website.

Kelly Goes Back to School


So the countdown is on⌛Seven more sleeps to go until we start back to school.


It's a strange feeling for us as parents, and for the kids too.


Kelly Goes Back to School is a lovely supportive little book that explains to children in simple terms how things are going to be. We hope you find it useful in the final runup to the new routines ahead 🤗


Please feel free to download the book below and visit the website


Supporting our children back to school

Short video with tips on how to support our children back to school after the Covid-19 pandemic

COVID-19 SONG - What Can We Do? #UOYourSongNow

Primary 4 in Downshire Primary School (Hillsborough) would like to share with you their song about Covid-19. We hope you enjoy!