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Do you have a pet? Why not introduce us? Ask your parents to send us a picture of your pet an we will share it here.


Remember to tell us what its name is and also your first name and class.

Here's a few to get you started.....


Downshire's Pets!

This is Lola (p4b) and Maisie (P1e) dog Tess! She’s a cutie but always up to no good! 


Sophie from P7C sent in this photo of Holly Howe who was born  on Christmas Day 2019, so she’s one year old.  

She loves trying to play with our rabbits Thumper and Cotton and stealing socks!   


A big thank you goes to Sophie for suggesting this pets section as it's a wonderful addition to our Pupil Hub!


Sophie also shared this photo of her bunnies, Cotton and Thumper, who love to binky and adore carrots 🥕 🥕and cabbage 🥬                                       


Izzy P3CH with her Shetland pony Angel 


This is Pippa enjoying her home comforts on the sofa. She is Hannah and Angus‘ dog. (P5MR & P7C)


Madison from P5M  sent in this super photo of Jessie who is 6 years old!



Here's Darcie's pet dog Kuki, a mini pomeranian. She loves doing tricks and getting treats. Kuki loves a nice tummy rub. Thanks for sending in your photo Darcie P1P!


Check out Thandie’s P5MR dog Jinx.
Often seen at school pick-up, he loves attention from children and is very gentle.


Here is a picture of Ellen P4B with her cat ‘Sasha’.
Sasha is two years old and likes to lounge about and sunbathe. She is very fluffy and cuddly!


Maddie P4A and Lara P7P own two pets! Belle their dog is good for snoozing with and Diesel their cat is just too cool!


Thank you Mia from P7G for sending in this fabulous photo!  Jessy the Collie  loves running alongside Mia when she is out in the garden on her bike or on her flicker. Jessy is only 1 year old but is already in the fields rounding up the sheep. Despite being much smaller Cuddles is the boss! She is 6 years old and a Westie although she dreams of being a sheep! During the Spring months Cuddles spends most of her day sleeping beside the lambs in the field. 


Say hello to Rudi. Rudi and Will in P3G are best buddies. 🥰


This is Poppy, we adopted her last July, she is 2 years old. Poppy is my best friend and loves cuddles, walks, playing ball and has learnt where the treat cupboard is. Noah P4A


This is Jasi, a two year old Collie owned by Andrew (P7P) and Samuel (P4A). She is full of fun and mischief.


Below is Teddy. He is 1 year old. He is Laura (P7C) and Rosie's (P6MW) dog and he thinks he's too cool for school!!


Here's Mrs Elliott's dog 'Blossom'. She’s one year old and loves stealing socks!


How cute is little Mazee in her pram? Thank you Kara from Primary 7 for sharing these photos with us!


Here's another photo of Kara and Mazee supporting our wonderful NHS workers!

And here's Mr Cunnane's dog 'Ben'. He is 5 years old, a little rascal who loves his walkies but is very suspicious of crocheted mini dogs.


This is Miss Cummings’ cute, little  dog 'Olly'. Olly loves walks at Hillsborough Forest followed by a tasty treat at McDonalds!  😋                                      


Say hello to Mrs McKerr's dog 'Mervin'. Mervin loves living with the McKerr family. He is 6 years old and likes going for walks, shredding up tissues and getting cuddles.