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Week 1 Design a Den!


The Winners of the 'Design a Den' Competition are:

Thomas Geddis P2MS


Adam P7C and Zoe P5MR Fitzsimons 


 Really well done to everyone who entered! We were so impressed by all of your den designs! It is so amazing to see how creative you are so head over now to week 2 of the competition section to have a look at this week's art competition!       

(Prizes can be collected in school anytime after 1 o'clock on Tuesday)


Downshire's Dazzing Den Designs!

Thomas P2MS - Design a Den Video

Still image for this video

Sophie P6S - Design a Den Video

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Design a Den Competition!

A storm is on the horizon and 3 intrepid outdoor explorers need a roof over their heads!!!

Can you help them by building them a shelter or den made from everyday materials that you have at home or in your garden?


Competition Rules

1) The 3 explorers must be able to sit or stand inside the den.

2) The den must stay upright without anyone holding it.

3) You must ask your parents for permission to collect everyday objects and do not use anything sharp.

4) You MUST use your IMAGINATION to create a spectacular design!

5) If you have a brother or sister you should WORK TOGETHER to create something extra special.



Before making:

1. Think about the materials you will need.

2. Draw a picture of what you think it will look like.

3. Ask yourself “How can I make my den stay upright without someone holding it?"


After making:

1. Test your den to see if it is fit for purpose!

    "Is it waterproof?" "Does it stay upright?" "Can the 3 explorers fit inside the den?"

2. Take a photograph of your den.

3. Send the photo to with your name and class.


Closing date for entries: Sunday 26th April 2020