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🍂 Leaf 🍁 Artwork 🍂

Nature Self-Portrait Challenge!

Thank you Miss Brown for inspiring this Forest School Challenge with your stupendous self-portrait made from flowers 🌼, twigs, leaves 🍁  and grass. 

Fun Forest Faces!

Here’s a fantastic outdoor art idea that uses uses natural materials to make clay faces on tree trunks.

Will you create a friendly face or scary one?

Maybe you’d like to make an animal? A character from a book? 


Materials needed

:: natural clay (or play dough if your parents don't mind and you are doing the activity in your garden!)

:: natural materials such as leaves, twigs, pine cones and needles, seeds, bark

:: trees! Or you could put it on the shed, fence or even a plant pot! 



Take a chunk of natural clay and knead it to soften it. 

Then find a good tree and firmly press your clay on to the bark of the trunk.

Use your fingers to form the clay into the outline of your sculpture’s face.

Start to create a nose, chin, and ears. 

You might know straight away what face you want to make, or you might play with the clay until it begins to form into a face of its own.

Use the natural materials you have gathered to add details to your clay face, like sticks, fir cones, leaves, and pine needles.

You could even use a stick to draw marks into the clay.