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Insect Lore gives learners of all ages a glimpse into the fascinating world of insect metamorphosis and ignites a love of scientific discovery.

Their immersive projects are the perfect alternative to digital screens and they encourage kids to focus on nature and real world science.

The Butterfly Garden is a wonderful, family-friendly science project that allows children to study nature firsthand. 

It develops their observational skills; sparks interest in the natural world; teaches children about life cycles and the responsibility of caring for living things.

Stick insect as pets! 

Kids will love being able to watch the life cycle of stick insects at home!

The tiny creatures hatch out of a little egg then munch their way through ivy, bramble or privet leaves. 

Stick insects are invertebrates meaning that they don't have a backbone! Instead they have an outer skeleton (exoskeleton) which holds them together. To grow, they must emerge from the old exoskeleton and as they do they grow larger before their outer skeleton becomes hard again. 

As their name suggests they look like sticks and they use this form of camouflage to protect themselves from predators. 


Watch How Ants Work Hard In Their Habitat!

You can buy between 10 and 15 garden ants from Insectlore.

To look after your Ants you will need to provide them with fresh water every day - natural spring water is best.

Cornflakes or apples are the main diet of the ants!  They also enjoy the inside meat of a sunflower seed or dry dog food, feed this diet once a week.

You will need to buy the InsectLore Ant Hill or a Super Forest Ant habitat  for them to live in.