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I hope this finds the school community at Downshire PS well.

I just wanted to share our online resources with you:



Posted every Monday at 10am on Facebook

Here is a link to the first one:



We post a video for primary aged children every Wednesday at 1pm on Facebook. There is also a accompanying Parents’ Sheet.

Here is the link to the first one:

And the Parents’ Sheet is below






We recognise that this academic year ended abruptly for P7s, but we will be filming our It’s Your Move sessions for you to be able to share with them to help them think through the changes, choices and challenges they may face with moving to a new school!


Subject: P7 'It's Your Move' Links


Thank you for your interest in our ‘It’s Your Move’ programme for your P7 pupils.


The lessons will be released on the following dates:

Week 1 - Thursday 4th June, 10am - Change

Week 2 - Thursday 11th June, 10am - Choice

Week 3 - Thursday 18th June, 10am - Challenge


Everything you will need for the lessons will be accessible via this link each week:

There you will also be able to access any related activities or sheets needed for that week’s session. The videos will contain all the content needed for the lesson, and therefore don’t need to be teacher led.


You can also follow our Facebook page for weekly updates and a P7 assembly which will be released on Thursday 28th May, 10am:


We hope you find these lessons helpful, and as always, any feedback is welcomed as we seek to support you better during this time, and within school.


Please note: the SUNI schools staff will be furloughed for the month of June, and so if you have any questions in relation to these lessons in June, you can contact our Children’s Ministry Coordinator (, but I will be contactable until the end of May.


Please know that you and your school community continue to be prayed for.