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RISE NI (Regional Integrated Support for Education NI) supports children in schools by working closely with parents and school staff to help children develop the foundation skills for learning.

RISE NI is an early intervention service.


Our aim is to help children enjoy, achieve and learn to the best of their ability in school.

What areas do we mainly focus on?


In RISE NI, we work with children to promote:

  • social, emotional and behavioural development;

  • speech, language and communication development;

  • sensory – motor development (the process of receiving messages from our senses and producing a response) and visual – perceptual development (the ability to make sense of what we see).

    Who are we?


The RISE NI service may include the following staff:

  • behaviour therapists and specialists;

  • clinical and associate psychologists;

  • occupational therapists;

  • physiotherapists;

  • speech and language therapists;

  • dietitians;

  • therapy assistants and support workers;

  • clerical officers.


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