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Chester Zoo Learning Resources


Bring Chester Zoo straight to your kitchen table thanks to these fun learning resources. Filterable by educational stage, subject and topic, there’s something for every age to be getting along with if you're all stuck inside.


Create and play with downloadable masks: For tiny tots aged between three to five, there are downloadable animal masks, perfect for colouring in and wearing on a Facetime call to family and friends.


Read and write with animal fact files: For kids aged seven and over, take a look at these animal fact files. Ask them to pick out facts about each animal and write a paragraph to explain more about the specific species.


On top of lots of live videos already on Chester Zoo's Facebook page, they'll be hosting all-day live virtual tours featuring the kids' favourite animals, so they can enjoy a whole day of animal antics from the comfort of your sofa.


Check out the red pandas, Rothschild's giraffes, Asian elephants, and butterflies, before catching up with sun bears, the Sumatran tigers, the Humboldt penguins and the aquarium.