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Who's Who

Picture 1 Mr Knaggs (Principal)
Picture 2 Mrs Jess (Secretary)


Primary One

Primary One 1 Mrs Elliott
Primary One 2 Mrs McKinney (SENCo)
Primary One 3 Mrs Peters (Head of FS and Designated Teacher)

Primary Two

Primary Two 1 Mrs Masters ( Community Links Co-ordinator)
Primary Two 2 Mrs McKerr (P.E Co-ordinator)
Primary Two 3 Mrs McNally
Primary Two 4 Mrs Anderson
Primary Two 5 Mrs Scott

Primary Three

Primary Three 1 Mrs Chambers
Primary Three 2 Mrs Graham
Primary Three 3 Miss Stirling

Primary Four

Primary Four 1 Miss Brown (Music Co-ordinator)
Primary Four 2 Mrs Leonard
Primary Four 3 Mrs McCarey
Primary Four 4 Mrs Allison (Head of KS1 & Numeracy Co-ordinator)

Primary Five

Primary Five 1 Miss McGowan
Primary Five 2 Mrs Megarrell
Primary Five 3 Mr Rodgers
Primary Five 4 Miss Creane

Primary Six

Primary Six 1 Mrs Scott (Head of KS2 & Literacy Co-ordinator)
Primary Six 2 Miss Wedlock (Arts Co-ordinator)
Primary Six 3 Mrs Millar
Primary Six 4 Mr Myerscough

Primary Seven

Primary Seven 1 Mr Poots VP (Assessment & Curriculum Co-ordinator)
Primary Seven 2 Mr Graham (ICT Co-ordinator)

Learning Support

Learning Support 1 Mrs Carruthers
Learning Support 2 Mrs Donaldson