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Lola and Maisie have been working hard in the garden during lockdown! They started this veggie patch and look how well their vegetables are growing! Super work girls and thanks for sharing your gardening success with us!

Hollie from P5C has been having so much fun during lockdown. She has learnt to bake, has made homemade pizza 🍕and she has even painted the garden fence!!! Can I please have some of those toasted marshmallows? They look yummy 😋 

Isabella (P3S) and Anna (nursery) have been doing lots of baking during lockdown and their favourite creation has been fudge, We used a recipe on the Carnation tin and it was yummy!!! They also made 15’s and had a visit from their grandparent through the window!!

Emma and Lucy looking after the environment during lockdown! You’re doing a fabulous job girls!

Anna Elliott P4A Clapping for the NHS

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Mia (P7G), her sister and her mum went to her Nannies to clap. Over 50 people out great atmosphere.

Ciara from P7C went on a bike adventure to find the Harry Ferguson Memorial!

Holly P6S video of her erupting volcano

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P7C's Lockdown Memories!

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Mr Poots wondered what his P7 pupils were doing at home....

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Miss Cummings taking on the Toilet Roll Challenge! Can you beat her score???

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Luka from P1P has been very busy during lockdown creating lots of wonderful pieces of artwork!  He made a Willow flower garden sculpture that was covered with rainbow acrylic paint and Pva glue. 

“I made some Oreo meringues from a recipe online. It was sooo fun to make and they taste delicious with some ice cream or whipped cream” Rosie from P6MW

Sophie from P6S created this amazing volcano 🌋 

Jack from P4B has been very busy helping out around the garden. Keep up the great work Jack!

Quiz Fun!

Every week, on a Saturday afternoon some of our friends from P7 do a virtual quiz! We take it in turns to organise the questions each week and we all have to get our paper and pens before the quiz begins. Normally about 10-16 people join in.

The quiz lasts about 30 minutes to an hour. We have had to get creative to make it fun so we do two rounds dedicated to a sort of game where the host asks you to get a certain item from your house and the first to find it gets 5 points (normally 1 point a question) and if you get the item you still get 2 points! We have 5 rounds in total with around 6 questions in each round (the amount of questions change sometimes). After the quiz some people stay around just to talk. Last week even Reuben (our old classmate who left Downshire in P5) joined in! It’s a great way to see your friends, stay in touch and have some fun!

By Molly and Grace P7P

Luka from P1P made this lovely sign in support of our Key Workers.

Darcie from P1P wanted to share the little bugs she found in her garden. Ladybird lift off! Bumblebee stuck in a flower!

Hi everyone, Meet my eggy friends: the Royal Rainbow egg and the Smiley Sailor guy 🐣🐣 From Kyran Rooney _ P3G

Hi everyone, Meet my eggy friends: the Two-headed pirate and the Blue Mountain egg 🐣🐣 From Torin Rooney - P3Ch

Maddie P4A and Lara P7P have been busy planting and sowing some grass..


Erica from P7C has always been a keen participant in Forest School sessions and it is sooo pleasing to see that she still has a real love of the great outdoors! Here she is taking advantage of this beautiful Spring weather by photographing ladybirds 🐞 flowers 🌷 and even a horse 🐴 Thank you for sharing these with us Erica 😃 

The Home Hub Team 




Ciara from P1E celebrated her 5th birthday slightly differently this year. Unfortunately she couldn’t have her birthday party with all her buddies from P1E so instead had a Teddy Bear’s party to mark the day. She was so surprised to receive lots of cards, emails and messages and even some surprise deliveries from all her friends and had a super day. Ciara is really looking forward to having a party with all her friends soon.


Congratulations on your birthday Ciara and also for being the first pupil to post a message on the Pupil's Hub!


The Home Hub Team.




"This is my fountain that I made while in isolation. To build this I used a lid, stones and some shells that I found at the beach and most importantly a hot glue gun to create the effect of the pouring water hitting the puddle .I put some glue down and gently with a tooth pick I lifted it up. Hope you like it.🤗" Erica P7C


Thank you so much Erica for sharing your fabulous creation with us! 

The Home Hub Team





                                                                               Emilia from P3G has been doing some spring planting! 

                                                                                                                Great work Emilia.

                                                                                                             The Home Hub Team



Lola and Maisie made a sign of HOPE in their home art class to keep everyone’s spirits up!


It looks fab girls! 

The Home Hub Team